Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wow...haven't blogged in a long time!!!!

Well, life has been busy since Christmas. Christmas day, our pipes broke under our kitchen sink. STRESS!! But we now have a new kitchen, thank you insurance company =) What else has been going on? Just getting by...hoping Aaron gets a new job soon. We have some interviews lined up. Also this summer, Aaron was training for his first "official" MMA fight. One week before the fight, he broke his leg and tore all the tendons in his knee. Lots of fun that was! So, we didn't do a garden this year because he couldn't get around....and we all know I won't do it! School has started for us. Brodey is in 2nd, Nellie is 1st. They are both doing really well. Brodey just was baptized by Aaron on his 8th birthday. What a special day! Brodey is doing football and Nellie is taking dance again this year. I'm also teaching dance at the studio...we'll see how many kids come back next year ;)

Friday, December 18, 2009

North Pole Express!

Well, last week we won some tickets for the family to the North Pole Express in Greer and went last night. It was amazing! Dinner at Molly Butler's, trolley ride, visit to Santa's workshop and story time with Mrs. Claus. Too bad my camera died before we met Mrs. Claus. She was so sweet and took the time to talk to all the kids. The kids loved it so much that Nellie started to cry when we left. I'm sure that had something to do with us being there until 10:30pm, but oh well. We knew a lot of the cast members, but fortunately the kids didn't recognize Santa. Why most of the elves were from Round Valley was easy to explain....They applied for the job and got it! One of Brodey's teachers was even an elf with Mrs. Claus! Jax made everyone crack up when they were playing Elf, Elf, Santa (Duck, Duck, Goose,) and Nellie was so excited her dress matched Mrs. Claus'. The kids got to make toys with the elves, eat cookies and drink snow man soup ( hot cocoa.) We saw the elf school and where they sleep, Santa's map room, and pictures with Santa. I have a ton of pics below...kinda boring, but oh well!

Pics from North Pole Experience